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Here at Touch Massage we use a blend of Swedish and Esalen massage which combines the shorter, invigorating Swedish strokes with the longer more nurturing Esalen ones. This technique forms the basis for the Therapeutic Massage sessions.

This is an oil-based massage. Our oil is 100% natural, derived from sweet almonds to which have added vitamins A, E and C to repair, nourish and moisturize the skin. Our oil is totally water dispersible, there is never any danger of staining your clothes.

In order to help obtain more curative and rejuvenating effects you may choose with the help of your therapist to use essential oils. Essential oils will help reduce stress and tension, refresh and invigorate the body, soothe emotions, and clear the mind. The essential oil is absorbed through the skin and into the body to affect physiological change. When inhaled the aroma directly affects the limbic area of the brain that is related to emotions and memories.

Your modesty is never taken for granted. Some clients while having a back massage like to have the lower part of their bodies covered. This is perfectly ok simply let your therapist know of your wishes.

At the end of the massage, the sheet will be folded up over you on the table to provide a warm cocoon. This can be a time of profound peace and contentment.

Showers are available and we recommend a shower before and after your massage.

Neck & Back Massage 50.00 € Outcall 110.00 €
Neck Back & Legs Massage 65.00 € Outcall 115.00 €
Full Body Massage 90.00 € Outcall 140.00 €


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