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Sensual massage due to its sensual nature can be interpreted as sexual. When having a sensual massage most men and women do feel sexually aroused, this is perfectly okay, as we are all sexual beings. Sensual massage allows you to be open with your sexual feelings allowing deeper healing on other levels.

Imagine; a relaxed far off dreamy feeling, languor. That delicious sense of relaxation and well-being, achieved without drugs or alcohol. A dimensional space where there is nothing to do other than simply be... and enjoy the pleasure of your own body. Our sensual massage services are designed to take your mind and body to a new level of consciousness where it is possible to achieve a total and complete state of pleasure and relaxation.

Sexual tension is one of the greatest causes of stress. Sensual Massage helps relaxation, releasing stress and tension in our bodies.

Our Sensual Massage Therapy is available for men, women and couples. Our service is available in our office or your home, yacht or hotel.

For more information see our services section Sensual Massage for Men,
Sensual Massage for Women or Sensual Massage for Couples






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