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Medical evidence suggests that it is a lack of blood and oxygen flow to the Prostate gland (also known as male g spot) which makes it a target for infection, enlargement or cancer. The Crystal Wand is a perfect tool for relaxing the muscles that surround the PROSTATE and gently stimulating it for increased health and pleasure. It may also be effective in reducing sexual dysfunction such as erectile difficulties. It is most fun when you are somewhat erect and excited and can lead to a thrilling ejaculation alone or with a partner.

About the Prostate Gland - Male G-Spot

Imagine a little bucket sitting inside your belly that is your bladder.  Now picture, right below the bucket, a tiny chestnut that's your prostate gland or male g spot. There's a tube running out the bottom of the bucket, right down through the middle of the chestnut, top to bottom that tube is your urethra. Water continually collects in your bladder (bucket).  Every so often the muscles at the bottom of your bladder open up, while the muscles surrounding the bladder contract, squirting the urine into the urethra (tube), which runs through the prostrate gland (male g spot) and continues through the penis, all the way to the tip and out of the body,  The chestnut-shaped prostrate gland (male g spot) sits right below the bladder and is wrapped around the urethra, but it has nothing to do with a man's urinary apparatus.  The prostrate gland (male g spot) happens to be where it is only because it's needed for ejaculation, and the ejaculate passes through the same urethra as the urine does.  That's why the prostrate gland (male g spot) sits below the bladder, and that's why prostrate gland problems interfere with a man's ability to urinate and to have sex.

Situated right under the bladder, wrapped around the urethra, the prostrate gland (male g spot) primary job is to add special fluid to the sperm before it shoots out the penis during ejaculation. Sperm is produced in the testicles. From the testicles it moves up into the epididymis, where it matures, then into the two small, muscular tubes called the vas deferens, which coil up and around the bladder, to the seminal vesicles.  Finally, the sperm moves into the prostrate gland (male g spot) its last stop before being shot out of the body by the contraction of muscles in the testes, epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostrate gland (male g spot), and the base of the penis.


One of the prostrate gland (male g spot) main duties is to create the seminal fluid that mixes with and carries sperm out of the penis upon ejaculation.  The prostrate gland (male g spot) also helps to pump the semen and sperm with sufficient power out of a man's body on its way to fertilizing a woman's egg. This means that the prostrate gland (male g spot) functions as both a gland and as a muscle. The prostate is also the nerve and emotional center of a man's sex life and sexuality.  It is the feeling center for sexual pleasure, disappointments, stresses, feelings of inadequacy, immorality, hates, and dislikes. Unreleased emotions of this nature, stored in the prostrate gland (male g spot), are an important source of prostate gland problems.

"Prostate Health in 90 Days without drugs or surgery"
Larry Clapp, PhD, JD

The Crystal Wand

The Crystal Wand has been specifically designed by Taylor Lamborne to easily reach and stimulate the female and male G-Spot.

The Crystal Wand is perfect for anal stimulation of the male prostate gland. It has been found to be of benefit for sufferers of Prostatitus, an inflammation of the prostate gland. Also it works wonderfully for stimulating men's prostrate gland (male g spot) for heightened sexual arousal.

Male and Female users have reported a wide variety of exciting results from using the Crystal Wand, including:

  • increased sexual energy and openness 
  • Increased vitality in every area of life 
  • Increased calmness and serenity 
  • Awakening of dormant sensuality 
  • Enhanced appreciation of the body and femininity (for women) and greater depth and sensitivity in men 

Prostrate Gland (Male G Spot) Uses

Create a nurturing atmosphere... incense, dim lighting, sensual music, take phone off the hook, so you won't be disturbed, make sure room is warm, and you have plenty of pillows to support you in different positions. Be creative in providing a safe, sensual, loving atmosphere for yourself.


A. 1) Breathe deep into pelvis (relaxes tension)
  2) Squeeze P.C. muscles (revs up engine!) P.C. muscle is the muscle you use to stop the flow of urine (See Love Muscle page).
B. 1) Lay on back with pillow under bottom.
  2) Or find other comfortable positions (such as knees to chest, side fetal, semi-reclining (sitting in bed) or whatever works for you).
  3) Begin to insert Wand using lots of lubricant  (pointed end for anal entry or prostrate gland (male g spot), blunt end for Female G-Spot).
  4) Imagine anus opening and relaxing. Breathe deeply into that area.
  5) Hands are free to touch other areas of your body.  This spreads sensation throughout body.
  6) Massage inner and outer thighs, lower abdomen and bottom to relax deeper tension.
  7) Gently rock pelvis
C.   Sensation of discomfort
  1) prostrate gland (male g spot) is about 3 inches into anal canal. Some Tantric teachings say that the male G-spot  (or Kundalini point) is a hollow just before the Prostate gland. There is also a location called the prostate point or Kundalini point that is located on the outside of the anus, 1/3 of the way from the anus toward the scrotum on perineum (See diagram above). It connects to the prostrate gland male g spot and can be stimulated during sex as well and may be a starting point for those more timid about actual anal penetration.  Also try pressing this point just before having orgasm.
  2) Due to tension, discomfort may occur at the very beginning of the process or anywhere along the way.
At first sensation of discomfort stop movement of  Wand, gently holding Wand until discomfort subsides, do not use force.
  3) At first sensation of discomfort stop movement of  Wand, gently holding Wand until discomfort subsides, do not use force
  4) Relax, breathe, let go into sensation.
  5) As sensation of discomfort eases, very gently proceed with insertion of Wand
  6) Add gentle genital stimulation as you wish
  7) Breathe gently and enjoy (See section on Prostate Massage for additional information) 
D.   Strokes
  1) Gentle scooping
  2) Light to heavy tapping on other end
  3) Side to side, 11 o'clock to 1 o'clock

A good suggestion is to read these instructions aloud onto an audio tape for playback during your intimate sessions.

For more information on the Crystal Wand please visit Taylor Lamborne's Web site

Prostrate Gland (male g spot) Massage Techniques

Use of the Crystal Wand for prostate massage is shown artfully in this video for Male Self Massage called "Uranus", which can be purchased through Eros Spirit.


by Marci Javril and Michelle Wortman.
published in Penthouse Magazine Smart Sex Column 10/01/1999, by Dr. Judy Kuriansky.

Every guy alive would love his penis massaged, but if you really want to be a great lover, pay attention to your whole pelvis. Sadly, few men ever fool around there themselves, few of their lovers know what to do, and fewer professional masseuses delve into the pelvic area, fearing accusations of sexual misconduct. But some sexual healers consider it sacred work, and will even help you do-it-yourself. "The goal is to help a guy articulate his pelvis so his whole body can speak the language of love", says Marci Javril of the Vital Energy Center in Los Angeles. That means activating all the muscles front and back from belly button to pubic bone, and from lower back to anus. The increased circulation, muscle tone and mobility helps a man vibrate, undulate, and last longer. Javril teaches men how to go beyond just getting their rocks off, by using her "Tracing the Diamond Under the Rocks" pelvic self-massage technique.

Lie on your back with feet propped up on a couch or pillows, hips lifted in the air, penis and scrotum lying against your stomach, out of the way (hold with one hand if necessary). Locate the sit bones (bicycle bones) and "walk" your fingertips in small steps forward along your inner thigh and the base of your penis, to your pubic bone, then back to the sit bones and diagonally pressing into your butt cheeks to the base of your spine. Repeat tracing this diamond shape for up to three minutes, breathing slowly and relaxing. In "Sliding Down the Two Rivers" lay your penis down between your legs and starting at the top of the hipbone, slide your fingers or the flat of your hand along a path three to four inches wide downward on a diagonal towards the base of your penis, and up again. Repeat ten times. Join your fingers at your belly button and follow a similar wide path down your love trail to the base of your penis and up again. Repeat ten times. Next try out the "Lower Beltway Stroke", tracing hula-hoop-like circles firmly, and slowly around the uppermost part of your thighs, groin, and crease of the butt, then sliding up and down either side of the muscles of the inner, outer thigh, and back of the thigh.

"Most men are way too rigid in sex" says Michele Wortman, a North Carolina massage therapist who specializes in assisting men achieve "coccygeal release" (loosening up the tailbone) to have a wider range of motion for forward thrusts and hip rotations. "Releasing muscles around the tailbone frees guys to feel up and down their spine, to connect their little head with their big head." Men with lower back pain, who hold in anger or feel like a beaten dog tucking in its tail, need it most. Wortman's internal massage accesses multiple muscle groups through the rectum, but she coaches men on how to do her "Tailbone Tango" technique themselves. Lay on your side and gently move your index finger down to the tip of the spine (the tailbone). Slide the index and middle fingers to either side of the tailbone and make circular motions, applying gentle pressure, for two minutes. In step 2, move the fingers about one inch lower, under the tailbone (closer to the anal opening), and press gently in small circular motions for another two minutes. Relax and repeat. Don't give up. If it feels tender, hold the spot and breathe until it subsides. If you're tense, squeeze the anal muscles and release. If you get eruptions of the skin (pimples, heat flashes, rash), emotions (laughter, anger, bawling tears), thoughts, or memories (of a past lover, childhood bully brawl), let them surface, and they will pass (hard for guys, I know, but well worth it).

"Don't expect to get aroused", insists Javril. But I know such instructions are just the trick to get guys to relax and rid the mind of performance anxiety so they really turn on. Once you've mastered pelvic self-massage, teach your lover how to do it to you. She'll welcome your instructions. Then do it back to her, so both your pumps will be primed for ecstasy.

by Larry Clapp.
"Excerpts from his book Prostate Health in 90 Days" 

Now that you've worked out, it's time to let others work on you: massaging your body, your prostate gland, and surrounding areas to increase blood flow, soften and shrink the prostate gland, and relax the surrounding muscles.

The blood that carries oxygen to every cell of the body is vital to physical health, abundance, and spirituality. Only with an abundant supply of oxygen can each cell breathe and pulsate with energy, and process out the toxins and waste, while continually renewing itself. This is especially true of the prostate. Dependent on some of the tiniest blood passages in the body, for its blood and oxygen, it relies on a steady flow of both. When the flow is crimped or interrupted, even briefly, the prostate becomes a target for infection, enlargement, or cancer.

Medical literature contains many reports of temporary and permanent softening and shrinking of enlarged prostate gland as a result of digital massage. There is specific mention of improved urinary, stream, reduction of the hesitation associated with prostate gland infection, a return to a more normal prostate gland size and shape, and remission or reduction of tumor size. Yet the medical establishment continues to ignore the benefits of prostate gland massage: I have been unable to find any discussion in the literature about prostate gland massage as a healing or treatment modality, though it has been a tantric practice for at least 8,000 years.

That hasn't stopped practitioners such as Roy Dittman, O.M.D., of Santa Monica, California, from using and teaching prostate gland massage. Dr. Dittman points out that most prostate gland (and bladders) are choked off to some degree by surrounding tight muscles and tissues-primarily the abductors, obliques, and psoaz. The pliability, and normal pulsation a healthy, prostate gland needs can be restricted by the tightness of the surrounding muscles and tissues. If muscles are tight, the prostate doesn't expand and contract with each breath, and doesn't get the blood and oxygen it needs to remain healthy.

This tightness is quite easy to release by external and internal massage. Self-massage your prostate gland (male g spot) and surrounding areas by lying on your back with your legs extended. Now bend your knees and hips, drawing your knees up to your chest. Then spread your knees apart and press the soles of your feet together firmly. Keep your soles pressed together as you extend your legs to the floor. Repeat this up-and-down motion 6 to 12 times daily while you are massaging the prostrate gland (male g spot) (the firm lump just above the anus) and perineum. 

External prostate gland massage is a good start, but it's more effective when accompanied by internal massage. Internal prostate gland massage is an expansion of the digital rectal examination (DRE) that the doctor performs during a prostate gland examination. Pressed up against the wall of the rectum, the prostate gland can be felt and manipulated by a gloved, lubricated finger inserted into the rectum. An enlarged prostate gland can be gently massaged by a physician or healer to induce the prostate gland to soften and shrink. A loving partner can also perform prostrate gland (male g spot) massage. (This has been a part of tantric practice for thousands of years.) The prostrate gland (male g spot) and surrounding tissue soften dramatically with even occasional massage, while the process becomes more and more comfortable after an initial period of discomfort. Internal prostrate gland (male g spot) massage is often applied by physicians when patients complain about urinary problems or that their bladder never feels completely empty.

It may be best to be massaged by a professional first. However, if your lover is willing, she can quickly learn to perform the prostrate gland (male g spot) massage. Here's how it's done. Insert a lubricated index finger into the anus, and then gently massage around the chestnut-sized prostrate gland (male g spot). Gradually increase the finger pressure, until firm. Expand the massage to the surrounding muscles on both sides, changing hands and position as necessary. These muscles, which may be sore and hard at first, will release and soften dramatically with continued massage. Massage of the prostrate gland (male g spot) and surrounding muscles may be uncomfortable or painful at first. Tolerate as much as you can at each session. You may, yell and scream a lot; that's fine, for it helps to release stuck emotions. You will be surprised at how great you feel as you release these areas. Prostrate gland (male g spot) massage feels better when you are somewhat erect and excited, and it will produce a very thrilling ejaculation if it's done during lovemaking.

A single massage can produce dramatic progress, freeing the prostrate gland (male g spot) and surrounding tissues, increasing the flow of blood and energy to the prostate gland, and releasing the energy that has been trapped in this sensitive area. This newfound physical openness allows more blood and oxygen to the area, creating healing and general softness of the prostate. It will also enhance your lovemaking.

Caution: If you have a prostate gland infection or cancer, prostate gland massage, in theory, may cause the offending "germs'' to spread - and the massage may be quite painful if your prostate gland is inflamed. Our experience, however, has been very positive, as are the literature reports of massage during examination

(We recommend that you first check with your Doctor, or Health Care Practitioner, for instructions pertaining to your specific health situation).

Although there are reports of men with acute prostatitis experiencing beneficial flushing and dissipation of their pain after having massage performed, medical opinion is generally opposed to prostate gland massage in cases of acute prostatitis or cancer. I favor massage, seeing great benefits with little risk, but you must make your own decision. (Spinal physiotherapy in the lumbar, lumbosacral, and sacral regions will also indirectly stimulate the prostate gland, so care should be taken when undergoing these procedures).

Regular sexual activity is also good for the prostrate gland (male g spot). The rush of blood and energy, as well as the prostate's pulsations during ejaculation, help the gland to maintain its muscular strength and freedom, and also act to cleanse the organ. Regular but not too frequent ejaculation also helps to release the emotional blockages that cause hardness and tightening of the prostate gland and surrounding tissues. In general, massage, visualization, lovemaking, and stretching increase blood flow in the area, which is beneficial.

In addition to increasing blood and energy flow, bodywork also relaxes the surrounding muscles. Once these muscles are loosened up, an enlarged prostate gland usually returns to normal size and shape in just a few minutes. Men over the age of 40 tend to have tight muscles, especially in the groin and legs.

Working with structural integration body worker Deed Preston of Santa Monica, California, I learned that these muscles can be "released" through internal and external massage. With the muscles relaxed, an enlarged and lopsided prostate quickly returns to its normal size, texture, and shape in anywhere from one to a few sessions. This bodywork can be uncomfortable and painful at first, but the results are dramatic: many men whose prostate gland remained enlarged despite powerful drugs have experienced quick and permanent healing. Just a few minutes of massage, which costs far less than drugs or surgery, can work wonders on the prostate gland.


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