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What is a sensual massage?
A Sensual massage is about getting rid of stress and learning to relax. Sexual tension is one of the biggest causes of stress.
What is Tantra Massage?
A Tantra massage is an age-old massage technique that awakens, stores and then releases energy within the body so you may become more alive, passionate and in tune with yourself. It is about experiencing an orgasmic level that you thought not possible before. This experience can be enjoyed privately or as a couple. Let us help you achieve new levels of energy and spiritual enjoyment.
Doesn't Tantra just mean sex?
A No! Tantra is about learning to receive. Men especially need to learn to RELAX and RECEIVE. Traditional sexual conditioning has the man in a doing and goal oriented mode. It means a lot to us to pass on the idea of tantra in our work. Therefore it is necessary to set clear limits. The massage is not an invitation for sexual intercourse or other mutual love games. The role of the giving and the receiving person is clearly defined. (see Tantra Massage)
Is it really for women?
A YES! Women are unaccustomed to spending money on their sensuality, women could benefit from more sensual massage therapy. The women who seek out a sensual massage are usually learning to honor their sexual selves. They have begun to see the value in feeling good in their bodies, and the importance of drinking in the kind of loving attention they so often pour out to others but seldom receive. An hour-long healing massage under the hands of a naturally sensual massage therapist is one of the most pleasurable experiences on earth. Male or female massage therapists are available.


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