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Touch Sensual Massage offers sensual massage, tantra massage and therapeutic massage, by appointment only, for discerning men, women and couples in Palma de Mallorca Spain. In addition to our massage therapies I am also a qualified, licensed, insured Acupuncturist and provide Acupuncture therapy.

After spending time with us you'll be completely relaxed and satisfied, free from all those "real-world" tensions.

Privacy and discretion are paramount.

Our goal is to liberate and bring freedom of body, mind and spirit to men, women and couples. We hope to achieve this through the art of sensual massage and tantra massage and help create a state of mind where self-discovery is possible. Before one can connect with others they must first be able to connect with themselves.

Massage by it's nature of touch is a sensual experience. Whether it is a hand and foot massage, therapeutic back massage or a full body sensual massage the experience is sensual.

Sensuality and sexuality are not the same thing. Sexuality can and does for many exist without sensuality. Sensuality motivates sexuality. It heightens and arouses all the senses. Sensuality does not exist without sexuality.

We think of sensual sexual energy as a loving friend, rather than something to be suppressed or talked about secretly in low tones. Whether you want to admit it you came into this life through the act of procreation...better known as sex. Unless you were artificially inseminated you wouldn't be here without an act of sex.

Sexual pleasure underpins much of our lives. It matters not if you are a nun or a monk. Whether you deny it or not sex runs much of your existence. Unfortunately most of us have lost that special ingredient of this physical attraction that moves us beyond mere physical animal pleasure to a deeper and more satisfying wholeness. We intend on helping you rediscover that special ingredient, SENSUALITY.

Discovering one's inner sensuality changes one's view of relationships as well. People with high sensuality are less co-dependent, jealous, or neurotic. They tend to be more harmonious, fun and energy filled. In discovering your sensuality you also discover that the relationship you seek outside is already within you. You simply need to learn about and cultivate this vision, a vital bliss filled approach to sex, love and life in general.

By recognizing and stimulating your inherent sensuality, you discover parts of yourself that have remained asleep or have been repressed. When you liberate your sensuality energy is released that is evolutionary and upwardly motivated. We can learn to use this energy for pleasure, for achieving our worldly goals and aiding our spiritual evolution.

Familiarity with your own sensuality can help you enjoy life to the fullest. It can do away with guilt or fear, break down self-imposed or limiting cultural boundaries, and guide you in your search for solutions. This teaches you to become free with your inner self, and when you do so your boundaries expand. You enter into new domains of awareness. You become empowered, more fulfilled and more perfect.

If what you have read so far sounds as if we are standing on a soapbox....I suppose we are. Today's society considers neurosis and deviant behavior normal, no more a problem than the common cold. Western and now even Eastern culture uses sex for manipulation. Sexy models being used to sell cars, soaps and any other product you can think of, while at the same time suppressing sexual expression. With sex being such a powerful force, we have created the perfect environment for neurosis and sexual dysfunction...Is there any wonder we would be on a soapbox!

We are here to help you find or rediscover that sensual inner being.

We do want to make one thing perfectly clear. Our therapist do not offer or perform any services other than what is outlined in our services section. Please do not request or insist. If sex is all you want you are better served by going to a brothel. However our therapists do include sexual therapies as a part of our services. Please see the services part of our web site for details.

We will also offer sensual massage and tantra massage training. These classes will be available for couples only.

We will be bringing to you a host of products designed to stimulate and enhance your sex life. What we are offering are not the traditional sex shop products (toys). The products we introduce you to are genuine enhancement products and in most cases designed or developed by internationally known doctor's, sex therapist and sex educators. In all cases these products will have undergone a great deal of study and testing before being made available. Further we assure you we have also tested these products so as to guarantee their claims (We love the testing part). So click on the products list and have a look.

Thank you




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